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Do These 5 effective & safe Pregnancy Exercises to induce Labor | Medically Verified ✅

Note: This article is reviewed and suggested by a certified health coach, However, before making changes in your exercising habits, always seek guidance of your health adviser beforehand & make sure you do the right type of exercise at the right stage.

Every mother-to-be looks forward to have a normal delivery and giving birth to a child involves a great amount of pain. But, you can prepare your body to get ready for the labor – How?


Yes, exercising is safe during pregnancy and moderate exercising doesn’t put you in a risk of miscarriage.

Why Pregnancy Exercises Are Necessary?

Pregnancy exercises help open your pelvis & aids in positioning the baby in the Left Occiput Anterior or commonly called as LOA, which is the optimal position for childbirth.

What Are The Benefits of Pregnancy Exercises?

  • May help in reducing swelling, backaches, bloating & constipation
  • Boosts your energy
  • Improves mood
  • Posture correction
  • Aids in better sleeping
  • Promotes strength & endurance
  • May improve your ability to cope with labor

Best & Must Do Pregnancy Exercises 

We consulted Dr. Snehal Samvatsar, a certified health coach from about the best Pregnancy exercises to do in the last trimester. She suggested 6 best exercises that may induce labor & prepare your body for delivery. Let’s see what they are & how to do them:

Kegel’s Exercise


“These are pelvic floor exercises, which are important because muscles around vagina turns sore during pregnancy and these exercises help release the built up tension.” Snehal says. “To do this exercise, contract your pelvic floor muscle. Hold it for about 10 seconds and then release it. You can try this exercise at a span of 15-20 times the entire day.”


Butterfly Exercise/Pose

Butterfly pose pregnancy exercise 

“This pose is particularly important to enhance flexibility in your already stressed pelvic area. The only caution to exercise with this pose is having a cushion to rest your back and thighs to maintain the center of gravity.”

Supported Squats

Supported Squats Pregnancy Exercise 

In this exercise, stand straight with back supported on wall and with maintaining contact with the wall, try to squat. Hold that position for 5 sec and raise. “I suggest do this exercise 5-10 times in a day”, says Snehal.


Walking Pregnancy Exercise

“Walking is a great way to keep your body balanced. This is a super easy. You can do it anywhere and don’t really need any equipment but a good pair of shoes. This is best when you can get outside and get fresh air and sunlight. Walk to should be slow and comfortable, do not try to do brisk walk if not comfortable. Try to walk at least 30 mins 4 times a week” says Snehal.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing Pregnancy Exercise

Snehal suggests breathing is crucial during pregnancy as it is oxygen that carries all nutrients to your baby. Your body needs adequate oxygen for the baby to develop and your body to function properly. Breathing exercises like deep breathing will help you calm and relax. Belly breathing can divert your attention from pain and assist you have a normal delivery.

  • Belly Breathing: Sit down with the legs folded. Now breathe in deeply. You can control your breath through the counting method thus keeping your mind preoccupied with something. As you inhale, slowly count till four or five. Then as you exhale, take it up to six or seven. Do this breathing exercise 10 minutes daily.
  • Nose and mouth breathing: In this technique, you breathe in through the nose and breathe out through the mouth. Both breathe in and breathe out should be done at a slow pace. Just sit or stand straight while doing this.

On a whole, exercising is a wonderful way to induce labor as it preps your body for that situation & may even ease your pain. However, make sure you have someone with you while you exercise, you may never know when you get into labor. So, which exercises do you think work best in inducing labor? Let’s know your opinion.

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