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5 Easy to Implement Handcare Tips for You!

handcare tips

We constantly focus on maintaining a youthful glow on our face and follow a lot of skincare routines. But we often miss out on one of the most used body parts.

And that is our HAND.

So what do you think about some simple handcare tips?

You know your hands have the power to make a very strong first impression be it with a handshake or friendly wave.

And for the past 1 year, we have been using sanitiser, handwash and many more such products to keep us away from harmful viruses. To add to this, we also had to wash our utensils and clothes with harsh soaps by ourselves as there were no maids to help us. This might have made your hand dry.

Since we use our hands to carry out the majority of our daily chores, they also need the pampering and relaxing to be soft, smooth, and as healthy as possible.

And you won’t believe me if I say that hand care is one of the most popular skincare trends in 2020-21. So, let us see what are some of the simple handcare tips which we can follow.

Why do we need a handcare routine now?

  • Exposure to harsh soaps hand sanitisers, and other disinfectants
  • Washing your hands more than usual can also cause dryness
  • Continuous exposure to harmful sun rays, humidity, pollutants
  • Lifestyle choices and your daily activities make up the third factor

So, now let’s see how to do all our daily chores and still keep our hands soft and smooth.

Handcare tips

5 simple Handcare Tips:

1. Wash and Pat Dry your hands the right way

This is the first and the foremost important step to be followed in your handcare. Just make sure you are using a mild soap or a moisturising hand wash. Proper handwashing will get rid of the dirt, and other pollutants, all of which are likely to cause irritation or dry hands. Also, take care that there is no dirt or grime under your fingernails, properly rinse them away.

And also avoid hot water as much as you can as it also dries out your skin more quickly. Similarly, avoid using a hand dryer to dry your hands. Instead, just shake your hands dry and gently pat them down with a soft towel or tissue paper.

Handcare tips

2. Improve the Feel of your hands with a Moisturizer

Our hands tend to shed skin cells faster than any other body parts as it is the most exposed area. And with Covid-19, you may find that using alcohol-based hand sanitisers is making your hand dry. So regularly moisturizing your hands will allow the skin to retain its natural supple texture.

It is always advisable to moisturise your hands after bath, dishwashing, and before going to bed. And if you have extra dry hands, you should moisturise each time you wash your hands. You can keep your hand moisturiser near your sink or bedside table.

Handcare tips
  • For dry skin, you can opt for a wet skin moisturiser
  • Use a hydrating hand cream on your hands
  • Vitamin E oil is also beneficial for healthy cuticles and also prevents skin from cracking
  • Apply retinol cream to dark spots, it helps in stimulating new skin cell production and keeps your hands clean and smooth.

3. Exfoliation: Twice a Week Routine

Exfoliating twice a week is very important to slough away the dead skin cells. Use the exfoliation method best suited for your skin type. Oily skin people, scrubbing your hand is more effective, while chemical exfoliators work well with dry or sensitive skin people.

You can also make your own scrub- DIY Alert:

  • Mix sugar, olive oil, and lime juice in a bowl. Gently scrub your hands with it and then wash it off with cold water and gentle soap. Don’t forget to moisturise after scrubbing your hands.
Handcare tips

4. Sunscreen: UV and Premature aging protection

Sunscreen is the key step in protecting your overall skin from tanning and premature ageing. And, you must have noticed that your hands get tanned very quickly. So, forgetting slathering sunscreen on your hand is a big NO! It will be better to apply sunscreen after a layer of your favourite hand moisturiser. If you have a job that requires you to stay outdoors more, then be sure to reapply sunscreen about every 90 minutes and especially after washing your hands.

Handcare tips

5. Gloves for your protection

Wearing gloves especially during this covid time is really helpful as it will keep the viruses away and will also protect your hand from alcohol-based sanitiser. You should also use gloves when doing the dishes, the laundry or cleaning the bathroom or toilets.

Handcare tips

Wrapping up:

Taking care of your hands does not need to be complicated. The most important thing to remember is to incorporate these simple hand care tips into your daily skincare routine. Even if you are not able to follow all the steps, it’s totally alright. Just remember to wash your hands properly and moisturise them daily. Hope you like these handcare tips!

Handcare tips

Have a Nice Day and Follow these Handcare Tips!!

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